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MYNT GOLF stands for design, innovation and quality

From the very beginning, our aim was to create a symbiosis of design, innovation and high-quality products. A lot of work and development goes into every product. There is no MYNT product that we have not scrutinised and for which we have not sought out the best possible manufacturer.

MYNT GOLF Logo - Erklärung

Our logo

How was the logo created and what does it actually mean?

We are often asked what the message behind our logo is. After we have given the answer, everyone says:

“Yes, that makes sense!”

Our logo is made up of two parts.

1. the "PLAY" symbol. Everyone knows it from the CD/DVD player.

2. The golfer who has just made the swing.

These two "icons" reflect exactly what we stand for:


And the merging of these two parts also results in the "M" for MYNT in the contour.

Flying MYNT Golfbälle - Talent - Ambition - Wizard