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MYNT Starter-Set
Golf Balls

Test all our MYNT golf balls to find out which ball suits to your golf game.

Your sample pack includes: 

  • 3 pcs. | Talent Soft: 2-piece soft DuPont™ Surlyn® golf balls
  • 3 pcs. | Ambition Tour: 3-piece high performance DuPont™ Soft Surlyn® golf balls
  • 3 pcs. | Wizard Pro: 3-piece soft urethane golf balls
  • Color: white for easy findability
  • Best feel for all strokes
  • Conforming with the rules of golf,
    Approved for all official tournaments
    USGA & R&A Conforming Golf Ball List => PDF

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Overview of our golf ball models


Description: 2-PC soft golf ball
Compression: super soft 50
The alternate to: TITLEIST Tour Soft


Description: 3-PC soft tour golf ball
Compression: soft 80
The alternate to: TITLEIST Tour Speed


Description: 3-PC soft urethane tour golf ball
Compression: Soft 85
The alternate to: TITLEIST Pro V1

TITLEIST® is a registered trademark of Acushnet Company. MYNT GOLF GmbH is not affiliated with Acushnet Company

E.P.L. Easy Putting LINE

Our newly developed E.P.L. (Easy Putting Line) makes it very easy to align the golf ball perfectly on any green. No matter how far the ball is from the hole, the three putting lines show you the way.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

I won the Berlin-Brandenburg PGA Foursome Championship with the MYNT Wizard Pro and I am thrilled with its performance.
— Greg