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Our business model

Optimised performance

MYNT Golf products are characterised not only by their aesthetic appearance, but also by their outstanding performance.

Every single MYNT Golf product has been carefully developed down to the smallest detail, with particular emphasis on performance. First-class materials such as ultra-thin URETHANE are used, as well as lightweight, waterproof fabrics with UV protection. State-of-the-art product development techniques ensure that our equipment not only drives the game forward, but also guarantees first-class performance on the fairways. Our golf balls are tested in both laboratory and field conditions to ensure a premium feel and optimum performance in all conditions.

Affordable prices

A good game of golf should not depend on the available budget.

Our aim is to make golf accessible to everyone. That's why we offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Our tiered pricing model for all our golf balls makes it easy and cost-effective to stock up. With competitive prices across our entire range, we lower the barriers to accessing the best equipment. This way, every golfer can realise their full potential on the golf course without having to spend a fortune.

For any type of player

At MYNT Golf, our products are aimed at players of all levels, regardless of their ability. Each ball is designed specifically for certain types of players, from tour pros to aspiring amateurs. Our balls guarantee consistent performance from tee to green, allowing our customers to focus on what really matters: the game.

MYNT Golfartikel

Independent of the style

We are convinced that golf is suitable for every lifestyle.

You shouldn't have to leave your personality behind in the clubhouse when you go out for a round. All MYNT Golf products, be it balls, apparel or accessories, embody a new way of thinking, both on and off the golf course. We merge the boundaries between lifestyle and performance to create both elegant golf essentials and everyday classics inspired by the world of golf.