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Remove your pitch marks properly


Starting situation

If the golf ball hits the green from a height, a crater-like hole is created. This needs to be repaired/removed promptly so that the green remains level and playable.

1st step

The divot tool is inserted at an oblique angle just behind the pitch mark.

2nd step

Now carefully push the divot tool forwards. Slight, lateral movements can have a positive effect. This brings the raised soil layers back into their old position.


3rd step

Just as explained in step 2, proceed with the ejections around the hole so that the resulting unevenness is regulated again by the movements from the outside to the inside.

4th step

Once you have finished repairing your pitch mark, it is smoothed and levelled with the putter. After these steps, this area should be completely level again.


Please always ensure that lifting grass and soil to the surface is a gross offence, as this can tear out the roots.